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Telling stories through photography has been my life and love for many years now…wherever there’s a lens-related adventure to be found, you can bet I’ll be down to capture it! It all started when I stepped in to shoot my friends’ weddings; it lit a creative spark within me that quickly transformed into an inextinguishable blaze.

I understand that no two stories are the same – each and every tale of romance is powered by its own emotions. I want you to know that I’ll treat yours with the respect and care it deserves, capturing the essence of your bond in all its unique and subtle beauty.

I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to make endless pose demands or harass your family to stand in perfect height order. I’m here to adapt to your unique vibe, to flow with you – not against you. Kick back and enjoy your day as I capture timeless images that you’ll love for a lifetime.

If you’re ready to embark on this momentous journey with me by your side, please get in touch and fill me in on your story so far.

Then we’ll get excited about capturing your next chapter…

Here’s a little about me…


I'm Joel!


My beautiful wife! She pushed me to become the very best version of myself, which I know sounds a little cheesy – but it’s the truth! She knows what I’m capable of, and I simply wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

I also really admire a photographer named Tyler Rye. His style is so evocative and I’m lucky enough to say that he’s become something of a mentor to me. I’m very grateful for his continued guidance and inspiration!

Aside from people, I love fantasy novels, particularly the epic works of J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. The breathtaking widescreen landscapes these authors paint in my mind have been a real influence on the way I approach my photography and creativity in general. I’m also BIG into computers – tech, repair, AutoCAD engineering, you name it! Studying graphic design in college is what eventually helped me to create a bridge between this passion and the world of photography.

I believe photographs transcend time – snapshots of history that can inform our present and paint pictures of the best moments in our future. I love to shoot using a moody, editorial style in order to create genuine artworks of your day. Precious heirlooms that will be passed down and enjoyed for generations to come.

My approach to work is entirely centered around adding value to your day and wedding experience. I'll go above and beyond to make sure your celebration is a day full of love, excitement, beauty and boundless joy. I'll be by your side for whatever you need – both in the run-up to and on the day itself. You can count on me.

From the moment I arrive with your favorite coffee to the final wild snaps on the dancefloor, I aim to deliver the best service possible. I’ll coordinate closely with your wedding planner and other vendors to take care of any issues that may occur on the day, making sure that no stress comes your way. And hey – if there is no planner then I’ll multitask and plan it for you!

I’ve shot a lot of weddings in my time, so there aren’t many challenges or issues left to surprise me. My goal is to keep you relaxed, excited and, above all else, happy. Together, we’ll have a lot of fun capturing this adventure. And at the end of it all, you’ll receive a set of photos that will forever fill your hearts with warm, butterflies-in-your-stomach memories.

‘Rain, Hail or Shine – I Won’t Miss A Single Beat’

Traveling the world with my wife and friends
Unplugging with a good fantasy novel, preferably up a mountain
Ordering the omakase (chef's choice) menu in sushi restaurants
Filming, editing and color-grading video
Kicking back with a film and enjoying the cinematography
All things computer-related

"We are very chill people, and we didn't want posed photos; we wanted a friend celebrating with us and documenting us celebrating with our family and friends, and Joel killed it! "

Jeremy & Marissa

Place a review from a client here about how amazing you are to work with and how stunning your photos are! Remember to keep it short.

Ronaldo & Jeremy

Place a review from a client here about how amazing you are to work with and how stunning your photos are! Remember to keep it short.

Katarina & Pedro


Your story – captured with care, elegance
and just the right amount of attitude.

Let's do this.