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Joel Jauregui

March 14, 2023

couple celebrating eloping after planning their DIY elopement

Elopement Packages vs DIY Elopement

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Are you thinking of eloping? It's an exciting moment in your life, and there are so many decisions to make! One of the biggest is whether to go with an elopement package or a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach. Both have their pros and cons that need to be considered before making a decision. In this article, we will explore both methods, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also discuss some other factors which may help you decide what is right for you. So if you're ready to start planning your dream elopement, let's dive into all that you need to know about elopement packages versus DIY elopements!



When it comes to elopement, there are two main ways couples can go about their wedding day - package elopements and DIY elopements. But what do these terms mean? Let’s take a look at the definitions of each term as well as their meanings.


An elopement is no longer the act of running away to get married without your parent's consent but rather a choice to make your wedding day intentional and about your love rather than the horse and pony show that goes into the giant traditional wedding.


A package elopement is when a couple hires a professional business for assistance in planning all aspects of their wedding, from location scouting to filing marriage paperwork beforehand. Package providers offer pre-made packages where they will provide help throughout every step leading up to your big day. Many people opt for this method because it takes away so much hassle from having to plan everything themselves, leaving them more time to focus on enjoying the momentous occasion.


On the other hand, DIY elopements refer to weddings planned entirely by the couple without any additional help from vendors or professionals such as destination coordinators or florists. Couples who choose this option get creative with how they want their day to go and make decisions based off personal preferences rather than predetermined options offered by package companies.


It's clear that both types of ceremonies come with unique benefits and drawbacks depending on individual needs and desires – but before we dive into those, let’s discuss what exactly makes up a package elopement...


What Is A Package Elopement?


A package elopement is a turn-key solution to wedding planning. It means that couples hire professional businesses for assistance in coordinating all aspects of their special day, from scouting venues and booking vendors to filing marriage paperwork beforehand. These pre-made packages come with benefits such as taking away much of the stress associated with DIY planning, leaving more time for the couple to focus on enjoying their momentous occasion together.


But while there are many advantages to opting for an elopement package, it's important to consider some potential drawbacks when making your decision. Most notably, these types of packages can be quite expensive due to the high cost of hiring professionals who specialize in elopement planning. Additionally, there may also be limited opportunities for customization if you choose this route – meaning your dream day might not end up being exactly what you envisioned it would look like.


All things considered though, a well-planned package elopement could still provide an unforgettable experience - one where both partners get to enjoy the beauty and magic of their special ceremony without having to worry about any logistical details or financial burdens.

The Benefits Of A Package Elopement


When it comes to planning an elopement, there are several advantages to choosing a package. For starters, many of these all-inclusive packages come with a dedicated wedding coordinator who can help you navigate the entire process and customize your ceremony to fit your individual needs. This means that couples can save time and money compared to DIY planning their special day - as well as enjoy stress-free preparation for what should be one of the most important days of their lives!


In addition, some package elopements also offer more cost-effective options than traditional weddings since they often require fewer vendors and smaller venues. Plus, many companies provide customizable offerings so you don’t have to sacrifice any aspect of your dream day in order to stay within budget.


Finally, opting for an elopement package allows couples to focus on what matters: enjoying each other's company during this once-in-a-lifetime moment without worrying about any details associated with organizing the event. TIP: Look into different types of elopement packages available before making a decision – such as those offered by destination wedding planners or online services like Wedgewood Weddings – to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for out of your big day.


The Drawbacks Of A Package Elopement


Just as a package elopement can offer benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Picture this: you're ready to take the plunge and make your dream wedding come true, but your options are limited by what’s included in the package. It’s like visiting an all-you-can-eat buffet only to find that there isn't much variety or customization available - not exactly appetizing!


Here is a list of potential issues couples may face when choosing a package elopement:

  • Prepackaged packages often come at higher costs than DIY planning;
  • Elopement packages generally have fewer customizations compared to traditional weddings;
  • Limitations on guest count and venue choice;
  • Limited budget for additional vendors such as photographers, florists, etc.;
  • Difficulties are finding local venues that will accommodate smaller ceremonies.


While these concerns can be discouraging, many companies now offer more customizable elopements so couples don't have to sacrifice their desired elements due to cost or availability issues. That said, if you want complete control over every aspect of your big day then considering a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach might be best.


What Is A Diy Elopement?


For couples who want complete control of their wedding day, a DIY elopement is the way to go. A self-elopement allows you to create a unique ceremony tailored specifically to your wants and needs without any restrictions or limitations that come with package plans. The planning process can be daunting at first, but with an organized budgeting plan and creative ideas, it doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Research different outdoor venues in your area that fit within your budget;
  • Create a checklist of items needed for the perfect elopement such as decorations, music, food/drinks, etc.;
  • Get creative - try incorporating meaningful elements into your special day like personalized vows or favors for guests.


A DIY elopement offers infinite possibilities when it comes to creating a memorable experience. With careful preparation and research, you can design an unforgettable celebration just the way you envisioned.


The Benefits Of A Diy Elopement


The benefits of a DIY elopement are numerous, but chief among them is the cost savings. Traditional weddings can be incredibly expensive, with couples spending tens of thousands of dollars on an event that lasts only one day. With a self-elopement, you have much more control over your budget and can create an unforgettable celebration without breaking the bank.


A major benefit to a DIY elopement is the customized experience it offers. Couples can tailor their special day to their own unique personalities and tastes, from choosing decorations and music to crafting meaningful vows or incorporating family heirlooms into their ceremony. The end result is something completely different than any other wedding – truly personalized for the couple in question.


Finally, diy elopements offer great flexibility in terms of timing and size – making them perfect for couples who want a more intimate affair away from prying eyes. There's also no need to conform to traditional timelines like cake cutting or bouquet tossing – couples can do whatever they want on their big day!


With these advantages in mind, it's easy to see why so many couples choose to plan a DIY elopement instead of going for pre-packaged options. However, there are some drawbacks involved as well which should be taken into consideration before deciding if this option is right for you.

Two people who eloped in Iceland chooing to have their elopement as a package where the photographer helped plan everything for them.

The Drawbacks Of A Diy Elopement


The downsides of a DIY elopement come from the amount of planning and work required to pull off such an event. Without help from professional wedding planners, couples must take on all tasks associated with planning their special day – which can be both time-consuming and stressful. Furthermore, without access to a wedding planning budget or resources that professionals possess, it may be difficult for couples to find affordable options for decorations, catering, etc.


Another potential drawback is the lack of guidance when it comes to navigating some of the more complex aspects of diy elopement planning. Without someone experienced in this type of celebration on hand to provide assistance, couples may have difficulty getting organized or making sure they are covering all their bases before taking their vows. It's also important to consider any legal requirements involved in your jurisdiction if you plan on having your marriage legally recognized at your self-elopement ceremony.


Ultimately, whether or not a DIY elopement is right for you will depend upon how much effort and energy you're willing to put into crafting a unique experience that meets your needs. While there are some drawbacks involved, these can often be overcome by careful preparation and research beforehand. With thoughtful consideration and proper planning, even the most ambitious couple can create something truly extraordinary out of their big day!


Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Does A Package Elopement Cost?


Let's start by talking about what it cost to have an elopement package. For couples looking to tie the knot in a more intimate setting, package elopement pricing can vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. Generally speaking, a package elopement costs anywhere between $5000 to $15,000 - although this depends on many factors like location and amenities included.


To get a better idea of how much your own elopement might cost, you can use a package elopement cost comparison or calculator online. These tools will help you compare different packages and make sure you are getting the best deal for your wedding day. Most calculators include things such as venue rental fees, catering services, officiant fees, photography and videography services, etc., so that you can estimate all of your expenses before committing to any one vendor.


It is important to note that while these costs may be lower than those associated with traditional weddings, they still add up quickly if not carefully budgeted for. To avoid any unnecessary financial stress during the planning process, be sure to do some research beforehand so that you know exactly what kind of money you need to set aside for your big day!


How Much Planning Is Required For A Diy Elopement?


Planning a DIY elopement can be both exciting and daunting. Much of the planning process will depend on what you and your partner want to include in the day, but there are certain things that should always be taken into consideration. How much planning is required for a diy elopement? The answer depends on how comprehensive you want your special day to be, as well as budget limitations.


It’s important to understand all of the elements involved with a DIY elopement so you know exactly how much time needs to be spent organizing it. A great place to start is by looking at an elopement planning guide or checklist which includes key points like finding vendors, booking venues, designing invitations, etc.. It’s also helpful to read up on any tips or advice from other couples who have gone through the same experience – this could provide valuable insight into making sure everything runs smoothly.


Ultimately, the amount of effort needed for elopement planning comes down to personal preference and financial capabilities. If money isn't an issue and you’d like help from professionals throughout the entire journey then investing in a package elopement may be worth considering. However if you're keen on taking matters into your own hands and doing most (if not all) of the work yourself then having a clear plan with realistic expectations is essential for success.


What Locations Are Popular For Package Elopements?


When planning an elopement, one of the most important decisions is to decide where it will take place. There are a variety of options for package elopements in terms of location, ranging from beach and mountain settings to outdoor ceremonies or city affairs. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks that couples must consider when making their decision.


One popular choice for package elopements is destination weddings. These locations can offer stunning natural backdrops as well as amenities such as hotels, restaurants, and other attractions that may be included in the package. Couples who opt for this type of ceremony also have access to experienced wedding planners who can help them plan every detail of their special day. However, this kind of elopement often requires more money up front than a DIY event would require.


For those seeking a simpler affair without sacrificing any beauty or romance, beach and mountain elopements offer the perfect solution. Beach ceremonies can provide breathtaking views while allowing couples to incorporate elements like sand castles into their vows if desired. Mountain weddings provide similar benefits but with even more scenic vistas - plus they come with some great hiking opportunities nearby! Outdoor weddings provide another alternative; these allow couples to truly tailor the setting according to their individual tastes while still enjoying picturesque surroundings. City elopements meanwhile offer convenience as well as plenty of interesting architecture for memorable photographs.


No matter which option best suits you and your partner's style, choosing the right location for your package elopement will ensure lifelong memories are made on your special day. Whether it’s a romantic destination getaway or simply exchanging vows under the stars surrounded by nature – there’s something out there for everyone!


Are There Any Legal Requirements For An Elopement?


Are there any legal requirements for an elopement? This is a question couples should ask when considering the type of wedding they'd like to plan. While eloping may seem simpler than traditional weddings, depending on the state and country you are in, there may be certain laws that must be followed.


Elopement laws vary greatly from one area to another, so it's important to understand what needs to happen before making your decision. In most cases, you'll need to obtain a marriage license which will require both parties present as well as valid identification documents such as passports or driver licenses. Additionally, many countries also require wedding registration with local authorities prior to the ceremony taking place.


In some locations where eloping is popular, you may also need an elopement permit from the government or other authority figures who oversee tourist activities. Here are three items couples should keep in mind when researching legal requirements:

  • \tMarriage License
  • \tWedding Registration
  • \tElopement Permits


It's essential that couples research these regulations before committing to a location and type of ceremony. It’s possible that if proper paperwork isn't obtained or filed correctly, their union might not be legally binding - something nobody wants after all their hard work!


Are There Any Special Permits Needed For A Diy Elopement?


Love doesn't always follow the rules, but when it comes to eloping, you'll need some paperwork. Planning a DIY elopement can be an exciting and romantic adventure –– but do special permits come with this? It's important to know all the legalities surrounding your elopement before taking off on your journey of love.


When considering a DIY elopement versus traditional packages, there are many factors that come into play — including understanding what kind of permits you may need for your ceremony or reception. Depending on where you plan to have your wedding, different requirements will apply. Some areas require marriage licenses as well as specific permits if hosting larger events such as receptions. So in addition to getting all the necessary paperwork required from local authorities, couples must also take into account any additional regulations that may pertain specifically to their chosen location.


It is thus essential for anyone planning a DIY elopement to research and understand the particular laws associated with their venue ahead of time in order to ensure they comply with all relevant legalities related to their event. This includes ensuring that proper documentation has been acquired (such as permits) and submitted prior to having their nuptials or celebration — otherwise penalties could apply! Taking the extra steps involved in obtaining these documents not only helps keep couples safe legally; it also gives them peace of mind knowing that everything is properly taken care of so they can focus on enjoying every moment leading up to saying “I do” without worrying about being caught up in red tape.


If done right, a DIY elopement can be an incredibly meaningful experience –– one where couples make memories together that last long after their big day wraps up. Just remember: A little bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to making sure all plans meet both local laws and expectations alike!

Couple eloping in Iceland after planning their DIY Elopement



In conclusion, eloping can be a great way to celebrate your love without breaking the bank. Whether you choose an elopement package or decide to go DIY, there are pros and cons for each option.

Elopements have become increasingly popular in recent years: according to The Knot's 2020 Real Weddings Study, 8% of couples chose an elopement over a traditional wedding ceremony. While both package and DIY elopements require some level of planning, one could argue that opting for a package can save time and ensure legal requirements are met with ease. On the other hand, choosing a DIY route allows more freedom and flexibility when it comes to location as well as cost savings.

At the end of the day, I believe it’s important that couples do their research thoroughly before deciding on either option. After all, this is one of the most special days of your life – you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!


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